Episode 17: Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground is coming to my state.  I didn’t know a lot about it, until I talked to criminologist Tom Gabor, author of Confronting Gun Violence in America.  Tom joins us today to explain the law and its role in race relations and, of course, selling ever more guns.  Have a listen, then run… Read more »

Episode 16: Las Vegas

The morning I woke up and found out about the Vegas massacre, I knew who exactly I needed to talk to: Dwight from GAG.  My co-host is tireless in his campaign to shame politicians who would take blood money from the NRA.  I asked him the question people have been asking me all week: What… Read more »

Loaded Live! Episode 16: Charlottesville (Guest: James Fetter)

Hardly for the first time in our history, fully locked and loaded self-proclaimed “militias” showed up in Charlottesville to protect the peaceful, law-abiding KKK’ers who just wanted to shout about white supremacy under the glow of tiki torches.  So, what happens when the second amendment grabs the first by the throat and sticks a gun… Read more »

Loaded Live! Episode 15: Ken Kidd

Getting back from our summer break, we’re finally uploading this terrific show from July with activist Ken Kidd.  We talk to Ken about the deadliest shooting in U.S. history at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, a year ago this summer.  What happens when hate is armed?   Pulse Memorial video https://www.facebook.com/GaysAgainstGunsNYC/videos/1967063323525285/ Piano Vibe by Whodiniz: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Whodiniz/

Episode 14: Rachael Joseph, Rebecca Rhoda Fisher, Dan Adkins

Ready for guns everywhere?  At least in Ohio, our NRA-lovin’ legislators are, if even nobody — and I mean NOBODY — else is.  On this week’s podcast, we’re joined by three gun violence survivors from Protect Minnesota who share their stories of living in the age of easily obtainable weapons. Protect Minnesota’s website

Loaded Live! Episode 13: Shannon Van Esley

What happens when a congressman with an A+ rating from the NRA is shot in broad daylight?  Our guess: Not much.  The Brady Campaign’s Shannon Van Esley joins the co-hosts to break it down.  PLUS: Enjoy this episode’s “Serial”-style intro!

Loaded Live! Episode 12: Kyle Fischer

This week, we talk with Dr. Kyle Fischer, an emergency room doctor in Price George’s County, Maryland, about treating patients who have been shot — and how to end the cycle of violence.   National Network of Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs Best practices information can be found in the Resources tab on their website.

Loaded Live! Episode 11: Kevin Gotkin

We can’t get enough GAG. This week, we talk to Kevin Gotkin, NYU researcher and the force behind GAG U, an online tool for gun violence research.  Go ahead, ask ’em anything you want about gun policy, laws, stats.  They’re all over it.   Music: http://freemusicarchive.org/search/?quicksearch=suo+gan

Loaded Live! Episode 10: Natalie James

Attorney Natalie James talks to the gang about how to stay safe during public demonstrations — and what to do if you end up in the clink.

Loaded Live! Episode 9: Charleen Hoveter

Here’s a problem more and more of us will — unfortunately — have to confront at some point in our lives: How do you talk to a survivor of gun violence?  Everytown For Gun Safety survivor engagement lead Charleen Hoveter, whose sister Diane was shot and killed nearly 31 years ago, tells us how —… Read more »

  • Episode Six: Where We’ve Been

    We are small but mighty.  As is this week’s episode. Image Credit: Gays Against Guns

  • Episode 5: Gay Pride Meets GVP

    In the wake of the Pulse nightclub shooting, we went around asking: Can Gay Pride defeat Big Gun? Photo Credit: Sam Lustig and Stonewall Columbus

  • Episode 4: The Carpenter Ants’ Families (Sandy Hook)

    This was a hard episode to edit — very painful to listen to over and over again.  By now I have my critics, like ole Tactical Texan and Savage 1R, iTunes reviewers who tripped over each other in their haste to claim NOTHING HERE TO SEE, FOLKS!!!! after my first episode aired.  I wondered what… Read more »

  • Episode 3: Shootin’ with Sammy

    I attempt to understand the allure of firearms by actually holding one for the first time in my life.  We hang out with Sammy and Mike, my shooting instructor, for an afternoon of target practice and not so pointless debate.  Like 90% of all Americans, we managed to agree on background checks for all gun… Read more »

  • Episode Two: Danielle’s Story

    Meet my friend Danielle.  She lost a brother to gun violence eleven years ago.  A mother, too.  What did her lawmakers do?  Not a thing.