Loaded Live! Episode 10: Natalie James

Attorney Natalie James talks to the gang about how to stay safe during public demonstrations — and what to do if you end up in the clink.

Loaded Live! Episode 9: Charleen Hoveter

Here’s a problem more and more of us will — unfortunately — have to confront at some point in our lives: How do you talk to a survivor of gun violence?  Everytown For Gun Safety survivor engagement lead Charleen Hoveter, whose sister Diane was shot and killed nearly 31 years ago, tells us how —… Read more »

Loaded Live! Episode 8: We Need Moxie

This summer, drag queen and gun violence prevention advocate Moxie Cotton will bring her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to help middle school kids explore gun violence through filmmaking.  Where do we sign up?

Loaded Live! Episode 7: Meet Joe Anderson

What, WHAT must Europeans think of us and our seeming adoration of big, manly guns that routinely kill schoolchildren, police officers, dentists, athletes, and furniture movers?  Anthropologist Joe Anderson traveled here all the way from Scotland to get a closer look at that not-at-all-rare specimen: the American gun owner.  His findings may surprise you.

Loaded LIVE! Episode 6: Kim Parker Russell

ASTOUND YOUR FRIENDS!  Ask them, Can you buy a gun in America without a background check, (even if, say, you went to jail for murder)?  The answer (they probably won’t know) is YES!  And it happens in about 40% of all gun sales each year.  Kim Parker Russell, herself a victim of gun violence, ‘splains how our… Read more »

Loaded LIVE! Episode 5

Have you been dreaming about a gun store/indoor shooting range/Chuck-E-Cheese style family entertainment facility in your back yard?  Neither has Chance Parker, of Ramsey (N.J.) United.  Hear what they’re doing to stop it.  Plus…the usual roundup of gun violence news, from across the country.

Loaded Live! Episode 4: Ladd Everitt

This week’s treat: Ladd Everitt from One Pulse America, the social media group formed by George Takei in the wake of the Orlando shooting of a gay nightclub, joins me, Mme Defarge, and Dwight from GAG NJ to talk about this week’s gun violence.  PLUS: A new quiz show tests our panelists’ knowledge, wit, and mouth buzzer… Read more »

Loaded Live! Episode 3: Krazy Kansas

This week our guest Marti Priest joins us today to talk about the new law that will force public colleges and universities in Kansas to allow just about anyone — no training required —  to walk around campus carrying concealed, loaded weapons.  Plus, #jesuisBowling Green, keeping our heads up in the current climate, and MORE!


MmeDefarge joins us this week, for a look at the crazy NRA and Administration hijinks this week!  It’s been a busy week for us: immigration ban.  Wacky Wayne at the White House.  Join me, Dwight, and Defarge as we attempt to answer the eternal question: WTF?   Madame Defarge Blog  http://mmedefarge.tumblr.com/ Oregon Chapter, Moms Demand… Read more »

LOADED LIVE! Episode 1

What’s better than ONE person talking about gun violence in America?  THREE people talking about gun violence in America!  We start a new series of Loaded Conversations called Loaded Live!  Today, I hang out with Dwight from GAG and BetsyBallz from Betsy Riot.  We discuss the Women’s March on Washington, new actions, and clogged bus… Read more »

  • Episode 3: Shootin’ with Sammy

    I attempt to understand the allure of firearms by actually holding one for the first time in my life.  We hang out with Sammy and Mike, my shooting instructor, for an afternoon of target practice and not so pointless debate.  Like 90% of all Americans, we managed to agree on background checks for all gun… Read more »

  • Episode Two: Danielle’s Story

    Meet my friend Danielle.  She lost a brother to gun violence eleven years ago.  A mother, too.  What did her lawmakers do?  Not a thing.

  • Episode One: Who Am I?

    I return to gun-slingin’, right-wingin’, bitter-clingin’ Ohio, with my innocent little Yankee kids and husband, who have never seen a gun store in their lives…especially not one like GUN ENVY!